The Intelliflo Kingston Software Meetup evening was held at Kingston University on Tuesday, 15 March 2016. It was well attended by industry professionals who came from across the region to hear a series of ‘real-world’ technical presentations delivered by the leading Kingston based FinTech provider on how software and technology is changing, and dealing with the challenges of change as you implement new technology and process.
Intelliflo Limited is a state-of-the-art software technology provider to the financial services industry, and leading IT employer in the Kingston borough. The Meetup took us on Intelliflo’s technical journey over the last 2 years as they moved to a true SAAS model. We were privileged to hear about the first-hand experience of Akeel Ahmed, CTO & Co-Founder of Intelliflo and from three of Intelliflo’s key technical staff – Stuart Cullinan, Head of Architecture, Romanth Nirnal, Database Manager, and Rob Walton, COO & Data Expert.
Akeel started by putting recent technology advances into context by looking at the 3 major milestones that have led to today’s SAAS and Cloud technical landscape: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Apple iPhone. Stuart’s talk centred on MicroServices and Continuous Integration and how this is used in the SAAS environment. Romanth dived deep into SQL 2014 and how the technology behind it has helped improve the SAAS offering to their customers. Finally, Rob pulled it all together by looking at how the data can and is being used in the SAAS environment and the technology that makes that happen – Jitterbit and Splunk.

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“As a challenger agency in the IT Recruitment sector, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to work ever closer with clients to become real business partners that add value. Organising Software Meetups, like this one with Intelliflo, helps us better understand the tech and IT culture, it enables us to really appreciate our clients’ needs and gain valuable insights on the world of tech from both an employers’ and employees perspective. I found Rob’s talk on data really relevant to Think IT, it has got me thinking about how we can better use the data we generate – thanks Rob!”

Roger Mills , Co-founder of Think IT Recruitment.

Selected feedback from the evening:

“It’s good to see a company (Think IT Recruitment) willing to
invest in tech get-togethers like this – hope there is more to come.”
“Refreshing to see someone with a view on Agile that is more objective
and appreciative of some of its flaws.”
“Just a note to say how impressed I was by last night’s Intelliflo Tech Meetup
– it was excellent.

Epsom based IT recruitment specialists, Think IT Recruitment, organised and hosted this Software Meetup in association with Intelliflo Limited. Be first to hear about other Software Meetups organised by Think IT – sign up for our monthly Newsletter


By Harry Powell on behalf of Think IT Recruitment.

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