Around 50 IT professionals attended the first ever Think IT Software Development Meetup. This free event was held at The Epsom Playhouse on the evening of May 12, 2015 – next door to Think IT Recruitment’s head office in Epsom, Surrey.

Software Meetups can take several forms, this may be, writing and testing code over coffee somewhere or beer down the pub, collaborating on interesting IT projects together, or listening to inspiring and insightful talks given by top IT industry professionals. Think IT chose the latter form by inviting two outstanding guest speakers to give insightful and informative presentations on areas of their expertise:

matt-ballatineMatt Ballantine, Founder and Owner of Stamp London talked about Agile Software Development, and explored some recent ideas on developing platforms and shared his thoughts on increasing the effectiveness of software by looking beyond just the software.

Senior Management Consultant, Peter Maynard discussed ‘Successful Agile Transformation’, by running us through a spectrum of development methodologies, taking a closer look at some of the hurdles in transforming to Agile, and alternative approaches with less impact.

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Roger Mills, Co-founder of Think IT Recruitment had this to say about the Epsom Software Meetup.

“Thanks to all those who came along and contributed, it is extremely rewarding and encouraging to see so many enthusiastic IT professionals at our first Meetup. Special thanks to our industry experts, Peter and Matt for their fascinating talks which ignited many conversations in the Playhouse Bar afterwards. My grateful thanks to Glenn Bowering for helping us organise the event and for sharing his experience. It is tremendously satisfying for everyone at Think IT to share your passion for Software Development and to be able give something back to the industry that supports our business.”


Matt and Peter’s talks lasted for around 30 minutes a piece, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session and short break for complimentary refreshments at the Playhouse Bar after both talks, offering plenty of opportunity for topical discussion, debate and networking throughout the evening.

Think IT organised the Meetup event with the help of Glenn Bowering, who runs the Dorking based Software Meetup Surrey – a group of enthusiastic individuals, passionate about software. Anyone who is passionate about software can attend a Meetup, including, but not limited to: Testers, Scrum Masters, Developers, UX Designers, Project Managers, Agile Evangelists, Hobbyist Hackers, and anyone else who worships at the Temple of Software!

Intelliflo Kingston Software Meetup.

This event will be held at the Kingston University Penrhyn Road Campus on Tuesday, 15 March 2016 – doors open at 6.30, with sessions running between 7pm to 9.30pm.

The Intelliflo Kingston Software Meetup is relevant to ALL professionals currently working in IT, attendance is FREE on sign up.

Find out more, watch our video and sign up here.



By Harry Powell on behalf of Think IT Recruitment.

As always, if there’s anything in this article you would like to discuss, please start a conversation or get in touch with Think IT.


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